'Activists urge Sadler’s Wells theatre to axe Barclays funding deal'

Climate change activists urge @Sadlers_Wells to end sponsorship of Barclays, the largest financier of fossil fuel extraction in Europe; (FYI Sadler’s Wells board chair is also chair of Barclays, as per @Tate with BP and Lord Browne a few years back):


'The country’s foremost dance organisation is being pressed by climate change activists to drop a partnership with Barclays that funds cheap tickets for young people.

Sadler’s Wells, which describes itself as the world’s number one venue dedicated to international dance, is being told by activists led by Sir Mark Rylance to end its relationship with the bank.

In a letter to The Times the activists claim the bank is the largest financier of “fossil fuel extraction” in Europe, having invested $145 billion since the Paris accords on climate change in 2015. They add that Barclays’ investments “pose a threat to the future of young people and arts organisations. This risk far outweighs any potential benefit from the provision of the dance pass.'

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Does this clash with this from the SW website?

'We are proud of:

our full alignment with the UK’s commitment to the Paris Agreement and five-star Creative Green rating for environmental best practice'