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Below is a collection of art pieces submitted by users of the site over the years.

They are separated into albums below. Click on any to view the art works within.

Image from Liberate Tate's celebration of the end of BP's sponsorship in 2018. Photo by Hugh Warwick

As well as the Games themselves, (& the US & Azerbaijani Olympic teams), BP is sponsoring the 2012 Cultural Olympiad & London 2012 Festival. We'd like all this wonderful creative activity to flourish minus the logo.

Portraits created by Gulf Coast residents affected by BP's Deepwater oil spill, submitted to the BP Portrait Award run by The National Portrait Gallery (NPG); http://facingthegulfportraitso

A gathering of images pertaining to oil goliath BP, and the decommissioning of same.

Shell sponsors the South Bank (particularly the Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall and National Theatre), Natural History Museum, Science Museum and National Maritime Museum. This is why that is wrong.

Online gallery for 2005. A collection featuring oil on canvas, mixed media, photography, sculpture, and subvertising.

Pictures from some of the activities and protests exposing corporate greenwash and the arts, as well as some choice subverts.

Some of 2004's entries that were on display at the Art Gallery in Chalk Farm, London.