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By: Art Not Oil
Date: Wed, 05/06/2013 - 1:00am

Message from Shell Out Sounds:


On Sunday we visit the Southbank Centre for the third time this year,
because Shell is systematically villainous, and we're turning our
indignation melodic, as it were.

It would be excellent if you could spread the word in any way, even if you
can't make it yourself.

If you can, come to the Calder Bookshop at midday this Sunday 9th. If
you're mad busy or otherwise, just come to the QEH for 2.30 and holler
'Hallelujah' with us. Any of these options is good! Mail me if you'd like
an mp3 sent your way.



PS. Check out Make Art Not Oil, June 15th:

You are cordially invited to join Shell Out Sounds, in a flash-choir
performance, from 14:30 - 15:00 outside the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
SE1 8XX.

Our intention is to raise awareness of the need to end Shell’s sponsorship
of the Southbank Centre. We feel a company as ecologically and socially
destructive as Shell, has no right to have its logo attached to a space as
culturally rich and diverse as the Southbank Centre. We also want to
welcome Yoko Ono to the Southbank, for the Meltdown Festival. Yoko Ono
feels passionately about the issue of fracking, and carry her
statement “Art is a means for survival” on our banner.

We’ll be singing a re-imagined version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’,
with instrumental accompaniment. It will be outside the last
Shell-sponsored Classic International concert for the 2012/13 season, and
we want to give them a beautiful and powerful performance to think about.
So bring your heart and your voice. Play an instrument? Let us know! Music
not your thing? Bring your enthusiasm and a helping hand, all welcome.

Join us for a warm-up and practice on the day at Calder Bookshop, 51 The
Cut, SE1 8LF between 12:00 - 13.30. Please bring something purple to wear.
Please contact info@shelloutsounds.org with the subject ‘Flashmob’ to let
us know you’re coming, to receive lyrics, or for further information.



I dreamed we’d seen the earth before,
It was green, and it pleased us all,
But you don't really care for humans, do ya?
It goes like this, you drill and dig
You frack the rock and you crash your rig
The tar sands are a poison, Hallelujah

The Delta is a darkened place
A blackened soil you won't replace
Still you lie but still we see right through ya
The river burns, no tree is spared
The oil it flows and the gas it flares
The pipeline's old and broken, Hallelujah

You've broken through the ice and snow
To a land we hoped you'd never go
It's time to stop the madness now, but do ya?
You saw the graphs some years before
Now some say 4 degrees or more
The Arctic should stay frozen, Hallelujah

So we went down to the concert hall
With the name of Shell upon the wall
But art and oil don't mix we can assure ya
It goes like this, a song, a plea
Till our concert halls are fossil free
Our voices will be singing Hallelujah!

(Thanks for the song, Mr. Cohen)

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By: Art Not Oil
Date: Wed, 05/06/2013 - 1:00am
Turning FACT Inside Out focuses on some of the most pressing, controversial
and literally ground-breaking political issues of today.

The main work in the exhibition is called Fracking Futures by French
artists HeHe, it is a miniaturised recreation of a Fracking site complete
with fire, earth tremors, gas and a giant infected water pool in the shape
of Shell's logo.

It's designed to encourage a conversation about the risks and problems
associated with Fracking and fossil fuels.

There's loads of information on their website at www.fact.co.uk/tfio. 
Turning FACT Inside Out

13 June - 15 September

This summer at FACT, a selection of provocative

international artists tackle some of the most

pressing, controversial and literally ground-breaking

political issues of today.

As FACT celebrates the first decade of its building

as one of the UK's primary centres for new media art,

it has commissioned an artists' take over, featuring

bold, new or never before seen in the UK works

from emerging and established artists, including

HeHe, Nina Edge, Katarzyna Krakowiak,

Steve Lambert, Manifest.AR, and Uncoded Collective.


FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) 88 Wood Street Liverpool, L1 4DQ *FACT - Bringing people, art and * *technology together since 2003*
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