Art to End Fossil Fuels

News from our excellent friends at Rising Tide North America:

When world leaders discuss climate action at the United Nations in New York this September, people across the world will hit the street in massive coordinated action to demand that governments end fossil fuels. Fossil Fuels are the primary cause of the climate crisis, causing this Summer's extreme heat, fires, toxic smoke and flooding. 

We are teaming up with People vs Fossil Fuels and five amazing movement artists to produce thousands of large, fold-out, full-color poster art newspapers demanding an end to fossil fuels. These are a resource to support groups and people taking action in September. (Order HERE). 

We are using the language of art and poetry to make the climate crisis visible, with artwork from artists living at ground zero of recent extreme weather disasters. Participating artist Favianna Rodriguez explains, “As a movement who cares about climate justice and justice overall, we need to better leverage the power of culture because culture is what transforms the imagination—culture shows us what’s possible. And we can do that by including artists and culture makers in our organizing work.”

This art will be used to make the climate crisis and the solution–Ending Fossil Fuels- visible in communities across the country–and they can be used in these coordinated mass actions:

  1. Sept 15: Climate Strike youth-led school walkouts and actions 

  2. Sept 17 March to End Fossil Fuels 

  3. Sept 15 & 17 Global Days of Action 

We are aiming to get 40,000 of these posters out across North America. Can you help get these up in your community?

People can use the poster art in several ways: 

  • PASTE OR POST: Paste them up on visible public walls and surfaces, or post them with tape, staples, or tacks 

  • MAKE INTO SIGNS: tape/glue/attach to stiff backing (cardboard, re-used election signs, etc.) 

  • DISPLAY AS POP-UP ART SHOW: Display them on a wall or clothesline as a pop-up art show. 

  • ART BUILD: Use the posters as inspiration to host an art-making event with your group or community to make your own posters and signs. 

Order Art to End Fossil Fuels poster newspapers HERE

Thanks for all you do. 

In solidarity, Rising Tide North America