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Just Bid It - art auction in support of the independent doc 'Just Do It'

Just Bid It: an art auction in support of the independent documentary film, Just Do It, is now live on Ebay. Find us here. 
Top street artists, including the infamous subvertiser dr d (our very own art director) responsible for those cheeky billboards, Carrie Reichardt - the Baroness famed for having turned her home into a live-in mosaic art work, and kennardphillipps, the collaboration that produced the startling "photo-op" image in response to the invasion of Iraq, have donated work to the auction. Support a truly independent project and nab yourself some great art.

As you will know all too well by now, this film is a completely independent, grassroots project, which has got this far thanks to the generosity and support of our crowd. We've hit a massive milestone and the film is now locked - a huge achievement. But now that the film is almost ready to be seen, we are, yet again, running dangerously low on funds. So we're calling on our crowd to pitch in - you can help us get this film out there.

Top street artists have donated work to support the film including the film's art director Dr D, Carrie Reichardt, The Krah, John Wild, Mike Marcus, kennardphillipps, War Boutique, Bastardilla and Know Hope. There's also the chance to nab yourself a special edition limited run Just Do It print, made possible by the wonderful Calverts.

The auction will run in three separate lots so if you don’t win the art you want first time round, there’ll be two further chances to bid for something else. Some artists have donated more than one piece of work, so if someone outbids you, why not try again. If at first you don’t succeed…and all that..

What's up for grabs?

Round 1: Tuesday 3rd May - Monday 9th May
Round 2: Monday 9th - Sunday 15th
Round 3: Friday 13th (lucky for some) - Thursday 19th

So go on, join our crowd; place your bid, support this totally independent project and win some great art while you're at it. The first round is live NOW. You can find us here.
Art by: Carrie Reichardt, Dr D, The Krah, Bastardilla, John Wild, kennardphillipps, Mike Marcus, War Boutique, and Know Ho