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Occupy the art world!

 "The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement describes contemporary U.S. society as being under the domination of the 'one percent', those super-wealthy individuals and corporations that control everything from the media to the halls of Congress.While the primary focus of OWS has been aimed at the home foreclosures, unemployment, and social inequality fostered by the greed of rapacious banks and corporations, some critical assessment of the impact corporate titans have exercised over culture is also in order.For those inured to the art world having been commandeered by high finance, now is the time of reckoning. In view of the Occupy movement’s fight against plutocracy, the arts community should scrutinize the role financial institutions have played, and continue to play, in the collapse of the economy. Those same corporations maintain a benevolent public image through funding the arts; I will mention a handful of these oligarchic 'arts supporters' in this article."Read the full illustrated article at: