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Oil sponsorship activism in Brazil in the museum of modern art in the digital culture festival. br. quart of oil dumped on the patrimonied floor of the museum. above thspiral patch, a poster: 'analog activism - Vale, Petrobras, telefônicaFord, IBM and politicians try to destroy the free and ancestral culture  pours oil under our feet.' as antagonists the companies that control almosall the Brazilian cultural funding
not only cultural, they grab all aspects of human life, natural resourceextracted in a predatory manner, ravaging and destroying the ecosystemproducing a lot of money that is not shared by all of us, appropriate thtechnology, holds the power of knowledge through their engineers antechnicians, funding to universities. at the end of the tip, invest in aironically elitist cultural production where we all end up being merconsumers of these resources, alienating even more people
recent episodes of catastrophe generated by these companies are Chevron OiSpill in Brazil, and years ago in the Gulf of Mexico, or the spilling oenriched uranium in Caetité (bahia), since the energy generated in thescorners need to be transported to other places in the world. after thspilling of nuclear radiation in Japan the country is studying to produchere their primary resources such as aluminum, much of the 'clean energythat we would produce with Belo Monte dam would be for dirty industriesfor export. carbon credit goes on the same line - 'clean' gringenvironmental damage by replanting with eucalypts. the construction oports and transcontinentals further enhance the power of those companiethat see their resources flowing more easily, thereby increasing theiexorbitant profits and with it the environmental destruction
occupations of squares, tactical media actions in museums are experimentof what's to come. the arrival of mega-events and the reality omegaempreendimentos cities are straining its inhabitants. the area o??culture is one of the layers of meaning which must be re-appropriatefrom this companies
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