Petition against BP's Glasgow 2014 Greenwash

BP is an official partner of this year's Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. For a small contribution, BP are painting themselves as generous, socially responsible and "green" - when nothing could be further from the truth. Art Not Oil have launched a new petition to coincide with the games, offering people an opportunity to say they love sport but without oil sponsorship. You can add your name here.

Two years ago, BP successfully used their sponsorship of the Olympic Games to improve their public perception and at the Commonwealth Games, the greenwash has gone even further. It includes a  BP carbon offseeting scheme for spectators, where BP will 'donate a tree' to a 'Legacy Woodland' for anyone who participates. Yet the amount of CO2 these trees will absorb is almost nothing compared to BP's emissions worldwide. Also...

- BP have set up a 'Young Leaders' scheme but it is young people who will have to deal with their legacy of runaway climate change and oil spills.

- The US has brought in sanctions against the Russian-owned oil company, Rosneft, but BP have clung to its 19.75% share in the company.

- BP have nestled its brand alongside our elite athletes, such as Jessica Ennis-Hill, in order to keep their toxic legacy in the Gulf of Mexico and attempts to drill in the Arctic out of people's minds.

Our petition to the Commonwealth Games Board demands that BP are refused the opportunity to be sponsors at all future sporting events. We don't just want art without oil but sport without oil too.