Stop the Gallery of Greenwash! (16.10.14)


On Thursday 16th October, Shell is celebrating its sponsorship of the National Gallery's new Rembrandt exhibition, with an exclusive 'gala evening' for special guests and highly ranked staff! With a meagre contribution to the gallery, Shell is buying social legitimacy for its dodgy deeds worldwide, including...

- its failure to clean up its multiple spills in the Niger Delta
- its reckless plans to drill in the Arctic for yet more oil
- its tar sands projects in Canada that are undermining Indigenous people's rights

Join the Art Not Oil coalition, as we give Shell and its guests a welcome they won't forget! Wear masks and cloaks, bring banners and songs, and join our soiree to creatively expose Shell's injustices and climate crimes. Through a peaceful protest performance, we will show the National Gallery the whole range of reasons why they should say goodbye to Shell...

Arrive from 6.15pm onwards to make sure we give the Shell UK chairman a warm welcome!


Groups supporting this protest performance include:

Art Not Oil
Shell Out Sounds
BP or not BP?
UK Tar Sands Network
Christian Climate Action

See the following links for more on the planned privatisation of the gallery:……