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THE ART OF ACTIVISM: theprintspace Gallery, London, Sept-Oct 2019
Location: theprintspace gallery, 74 Kingsland Rd, London, E2 8DL

Friends of the Earth has partnered with theprintspace and The Guardian to host a month-long art exhibition focused on acts of resistance that give us hope and inspiration in the face of the climate crisis.
We invited the global creative community to submit artworks inspired by the whimsical, darkly humorous placards that people make for demonstrations and show that the voices of activists are heard, people power works and change is possible.

You’re invited to join The Art of Activism on our launch night for the first look at the exhibition.

What to expect:
A multi-artist exhibition highlighting that climate activists are brave, ingenious and resilient. This is an informal night, bringing together the art and activist world – there will be no talks or presentations, just a chance to view the art for the first time and meet like-minded people fighting climate breakdown. You can also expect works from artists including Jeremy Deller and Katharine Hamnett.
The evening is free of charge, but please register for a ticket to avoid disappointment.

Prints will be available to purchase following the launch via Guardian Print Shop raising funds for Friends of the Earth to support their campaigning work in areas such as fighting climate breakdown, doubling tree cover and stopping fracking. 

“The climate crisis is real and immediate. Change must happen now if we are to have a hope of achieving a sustainable society. At theprintspace it’s fair to say we have had a massive realisation that this problem is so urgent that it requires everyone to act immediately. As Greta Thunberg says, I don’t want your hope, I want you to panic."
Stuart Waplington, CEO of theprintspace

“Friends of the Earth has a long history of environmental activism at a grassroots level. Time and time again we’ve found that the voices of people and communities can lead to big changes for the good. Art and design have always been important in activism, making sure that campaigns and demands grab people’s attention and settle in their memory. We’re excited to team up with theprintspace to celebrate the passion of artists and activists, and can’t wait to see people’s creations!”
Muna Suleiman, campaigner at Friends of the Earth

Do I need a ticket?
No, but as we’re expecting the nights to be popular, we encourage you to register for a free ticket to make sure you get a chance to see the show.
Please note that although the tickets are free, we would welcome donations to support the work of Friends of the Earth.
Is there a minimum age requirement to enter the event?
Under-18s are welcome to attend, if accompanied by an adult.
Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
The venue is wheelchair accessible. Hoxton station is very close and has step-free access from platform to street – see map.
Is there seating available in the gallery?
There is limited seating for those who need it.
Photography & filming during event
Please note that photography and filming will take place at this event. Images from this event may be used by Autograph and external press for marketing and promotional use, including: printed and online publicity, social media, press releases, or other use. Attendance at this event is considered  as consent to the above uses. Under-18s will be asked for consent if included in film/photos.
How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
Please email with any questions.