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'Borderline Ballardian', Sheffield, July 6-18 2012

Borderline Ballardian will be taking place at C.A.D.S. in Sheffield, England.

Creative Arts Development Space
Based on the St Vincents Quarter, Shalesmoor Industrial Estate. 

A five to ten minutes walk from West Street, behind the West Bar Police Station.

Hi all,

'I would to inform you of an exhibition I am involved in taking place at starting 6th July. Details can be found on the facebook event and blog page here:

It is a group show featuring the works of 15 artists from around the UK and will have a mixture of painting, photography, poetry and sculpture!

Here is the blurb and I hope to see you down there or if you can't make it then please look out for a virtual tour online!

“It is the psychological effects of technological, social and environmental developments I am interested in.” JG Ballard

To question the environment around us, to take a step back and create reality in a world ruled by fictions. Is this the artist’s true role?

Borderline Ballardian is an exhibition of works that questions and observes British society and the psychological effects of technological, social and environmental developments.

The word ‘Ballardian’ originates from the works of British novelist, James Graham Ballard and is defined as resembling or suggestive of the conditions described in Ballard’s novels and stories, especially a dystopian modernity, bleak man-made landscapes and the psychological effects mentioned above.

Ballard’s novels, classed as science fiction are now seeming to resemble the real more than ever, as our 21st century lives hurtle towards huge environmental and psychological uncertainties.

Reckless industrial growth is slowly killing the planet, as air and Water is polluted and littered, food is grown chemically and unsustainably, and oceans are turned into acid pools. What little democratic rights we have are being shaken to their core by the intertwined forces of runaway capitalism and the nation state, which require nothing more of us than alienated consumers. We are stolen and then sold back as make up and fashion.

All this certainly Sounds like a Ballard novel to me… But do we ever ask ourselves the question, in all seriousness “could the world I’m living in now be rightly classed as dystopian?” It can be hard to the see the world for what it truly is whilst you’re in the midst of it.

The exhibition aims to take a step back, observe and inform.

Exhibiting Artists:

Clinton Kirkpatrick (Lisburn)
Gary Steadman (Barnsley)
Jade Morris (Sheffield)
Jonathan Butcher (Sheffield)
John Ledger (Sheffield)
Kim Thompson (Manchester)
Mikk Murray (Sheffield)
Nancy Richardson (Sheffield)
Robert Norbury (Holmfirth)
Ryan Vodden (Sheffield)
Stuart Alexander (London)
Leeds Annonymous (Leeds)
+ friends!

Blog here:

Open night Friday 6th July 2012 @ 6pm onwards with live poetry and discussion!

Please forward to anyone who may have an interested,

Many thanks,