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BP exorcism at Tate Modern, 18.7.11

All photos by Peter Marshall:

This from the UK Tar Sands Network:

'Dearest brethren,Monday saw extraordinary scenes as we joined Reverend Billy and the Church of Earthalujah to exorcise the beast that is BP from the Tate Modern Turbine Hall. Filling the huge space inside the former power station with singing, clapping and chanting, crowds of people joined the Rev in a piece of protest performance art that was at times sombre, at times raucous, at times oily – and ultimately incredibly powerful. Watch the film (above) to find out what the hell we’re talking about.'


This from Rev central:

'At the Tate Modern in London, British Petroleum seeks to capture our imagination by hitching its BP sunflower logo to the Miro exhibit. The artistic experience is then reduced to a dangerously passive consumerism. Only the Earth itself, a kind of freak storm inside, can free us from such a damaging lie.

We tried to let all the victimized life of BP come through us on Monday. We prayed, screamed, circle-danced, rubbed out the logo as the police mused.... Amen! May the fossil fuel companies find our interruptions are weekly, daily, hourly -- as constant as fabulous bad weather!'

(NB. It's true that BP doesn't directly sponsor the Miro exhibition, but it supports the Tate brand, so therein lies the connection...)

And in more caffeinous detail:

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Reverend Billy and The Church of Earthalujah invite you to a service at the Tate Modern Turbine Hall on Monday 18 July, 5.30.

An exorcism of the evil spirit of BP, brought to you by Liberate Tate, UK Tar Sands Network, Rising Tide, Art Not Oil and Climate Rush...

Brothers and sisters, a dark beast lurks within the bosom of one of our most cherished arts institutions. While good-hearted, god-fearing, gallery goers glory in the miracle of art, the beast below is encircling the planet with its oily tentacles, destroying righteous communities, poisoning God’s beauteous creations, and bringing us all ever closer to the climate apocalypse.

And the name of that beast is BP. For 20 long years, BP has embedded its foulness deep within the Tate, using the fair face of the arts to mask the stench of its true nature.

On Monday 18 July, join Reverend Billy and & The Church of Earthalujah, as we lay hands on the Tate Modern, and cast out the evil demon of BP’s oil sponsorship.

The Reverend Billy & The Church of Earthalujah will also be performing in London on the Sunday evening at Conway Hall

Info here:

*Reverend Billy and The Church of Earthalujah *

THE CHURCH OF EARTHALUJAH featuring Reverend Billy and the 35-voice Stop Shopping Gospel Choir is part theater piece, part church service, part performance art and wholly inspirational. Family friendly but big bank deadly, The Church of Earthalujah condemns the corporate exploiters and polluters of the world to the Lake of Hellfire - especially the ones that spew CO2 through mountaintop removal, hydro-fracking, super malls and shipping sweatshop products long distances with with fossil fuel-burning engines. We believe that the fires and droughts and quakes and typhoons are not natural disasters, but shout-outs from this big living thing we’re a part of. The message is loud and clear when we learn to put our ears to the dirt:

Rev. Billy Tate Modern London 18th July 2011
Reverend Billy leads mass exorcism in Tate Modern Turbine Hall over 'taint' of BP sponsorship