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BP Week of Action

BP Week of Action

BP and culture:  time to break it off
A week of action to kick BP out of our cultural spaces

14 – 20 April 2011

In April last year, BP’s risky business in the Gulf of Mexico caused the deaths of 11 workers, triggered America’s largest ever environmental disaster, and sparked controversy about the role of one of the UK’s most iconic companies in our society. Plunged into a PR nightmare, BP has made a huge effort to reclaim its image, and reassure us all that it has learned its lessons and moved on. Nothing could be further from the truth. Last December, BP made the hugely controversial decision to start extracting high-polluting oil from the Canadian Tar Sands. It is pressing ahead with drilling in the fragile Arctic and deep-sea drilling in Russia. And, like every other year, BP is destroying the lives and livelihoods of frontline communities around the world.