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Call for creative responses to Shell's 'Odious', October '08


Shell is sponsoring the National Theatre's new production of 'Oedipus', and, unsurprisingly,
Find it here:

Here's 'The Stage' on the National Theatre Press Release on 'Oedipus' and oil funding:

Thanks for reading, and good luck for the future,

Art Not Oil, London

The Carbon Town Cryer has recorded a song called 'Shell Sells Suicide', an expandeversion of the song we sang outside the Natural History Museum in  2006:


And a new poem:

Oil habits die hard,
Even when we’re staring unseeing at televised reruns of the
Destruction we summoned with tarry fingers and thumbs earlier the same evening.
Iraqis, on the other hand, have no choice but to
Pay now for what we in good old Blighty have put off fonight-terrifiegenerations,                
Under the flightpaths of untold departures,
Seething secretly at the way all this extinction wasn’t even able to get us happy