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Calling all Artists! Leave the Oil in the Soil & the Coal in the Hole


LINGO is a coalition bringing together campaigns against extraction witzero carbon solutions. One of the chief aims is to get Supply sidmitigation onto the UN agenda, and begin the conversation about turning ofthe taps of fossil fuel extraction. This is currently not even considerein the COP talks. This is where we need YOU to be part of this drive texpose the dangers of extractions, and promote solutions based orespecting the rights of Mother Nature and societies powered by renewablenergy systems.

The image above (by Angie Vanessa Cárdenas < oilwatch <>) is our call to action, as we asartists across the world to recreate it in their own cities, townsvillages or homes before, during or after Rio+20 in solidarity with globastruggles against fossil fuel extraction and for people centred solutions.

Interpret in your own style, and relevant to your own country and campaign. Each mural will be mappehere (Google Maps link) anhosted on this page so please send youlocation, artist name and a webready jpeg or google placemark would be ideal though).

Two murals have already been created in Durban, the location of the lasclimate summit, and a third, on banner on its way to Rio de Janeiro by sailboat.

About Lingo:

The Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development is approaching, in thattempt to find a global solution to environmental problems. But thnegotiations are stalled in the key questions and CO2 emissions continue trise (around 40% since 1992). The proposed responses to the climate crisi(such as offsetting, CDM and carbon markets) are inadequate, unambitiousand in some cases counterproductive. Pledges to reduce emissions arvoluntary and focused purely on the demand-side. In the absence of a globacap on emissions - which seems decades away - demand-side mitigation isn'a guaranteed successful strategy.

The reality of mitigation is that to stay within the proposed 1.5°C or 2°temperature rise, the taps must be turned off, and the better part of knowreserves of fossil fuels must remain untouched in the ground. But at thUnited Nations climate talks, supply-side mitigation is currently not othe agenda. While the UN and governments stall, corporations invest heavilinto expanding the fossil frontier into ever more sensitive environmentthrough deep sea drilling and exploitation of shale gas and tar sandslocking us into a path of high emissions and a toxic future.

To build a climate friendly world requires alternative plans to live a goolife (known in Latin America as "buen vivir") powered fully by renewablenergy. These plans will help us to effectively challenge the need fofossil fuels in our societies.

In December 2011 diverse people and organizations came together in Durbato unify the struggles against the growth of the fossil economy with thsolutions for a society that respects the Rights of Mother Earth.

This group demands and proposes to work towards:

We invite all to work together on this

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