Diary gift goes unacknowledged by bosses of sponsored institutions

As well as dealing with diary orders from with any luck very pleasepunters, we managed to send a clutch of freebies out to the bosses oLondon's sponsored institutions just before the Copenhagen climatsummit.

Pleasfind enclosed a copy of the Art Not Oil 2010 diary. I hope it’s celebration of art’s extraordinary ability to provide an emotionacontext to where we find ourselves today politically, socially anecologically.

Mark Brown, (co-ordinator, Art Not Oil)


Aof 15.1.2010, we've received replies from...none of them. This iperhaps unexpected, but we can only hope that at least a few of thewill have been deeply touched by such an unsolicited gift, and thathey will afford their diary pride of place on their well-apportionedesks.

Neil Constable, Michael Attenborough, Almeida Theatre

Neil MacGregor, The British Museum


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