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Fossil Free Culture NL takes the stage and asks the Concertgebouw: what will be your role in history?

From our friends at Fossil Free Culture in the Netherlands:

'As the last notes fade away, two large banners depicting a poem are placed on stage at the Concertgebouw. Fossil Free Culture NL collaborated with award-winning poet Hannah van Binsbergen to compose this poem for their performance ‘Afterthought’. The first line, ‘We made way for a world without us’, conveys a possible future in which humanity consciously chooses extinction in the face of climate breakdown. The second line is the last thought of the last human on earth: ‘It will be like none of this has happened.

Fossil Free Culture NL calls for Het Concertgebouw to stop accepting Shell as a member of their business club. Fossil fuel companies are leading humans to pave the way to their own extinction. With their performance ‘Dissonance Act 2. Afterthought’ we invite the audience and the board of the Concertgebouw, to reflect on their complicity in the environmental crisis.

With their campaign #FossilFreeMuseumplein, FFC-NL is calling to liberate the Museumplein entirely from the grasp of fossil fuel companies. Shell needs cultural institutions like the Concertgebouw to give it a veneer of social acceptability so that it can continue drilling for fossil fuels. But for the sake of the planet, this social licence must be taken away. Therefore, Concertgebouw, what will be your role in history?'