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Give BP a kick up the arts! (Write to Nicholas Serota)


Here's a message from Greenpeace, getting behind Liberate Tate's initiative to send a large pile of emails to Tate boss Nicholas Serota...


Hello friends,


You've been instrumental in helping us block the efforts of oil companies to drill in increasingly remote and dangerous places like the Arctic. Now there's something you can do much closer to home - challenging big oil's sponsorship of the arts.


BP is one oil giant whose logo is splashed all over galleries and exhibition halls like the Tate. By using its profits to sponsor the arts, BP hopes to cover up the horrendous damage it's doing to the climate and the environment.

But if you're a Tate member or visitor, you can use your influence to end BP's sponsorship of the Tate galleries.


Tell Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate, that he needs to stop helping BP clean up its image.


This letter is organised by Liberate Tate, who have been working to end funding of the arts by big oil companies. By sponsoring prestigious art venues and exhibitions like the Tate, BP and other oil giants hope to gloss over their environmentally-destructive activities, scrubbing clean BP's public image. 

The Liberate Tate team have used creative direct action to lift the fig leaf of art sponsorship which BP uses to greenwash its destructive activities elsewhere. Lest we forget the world's largest oil painting that was the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico last year.


Now you can use your power as a Tate member or visitor to bring BP's sponsorship of the arts to an end.


Sign the letter to the Tate's director - it's time the Tate stopped covering up BP's destructive habits.


Thanks again for your support,


Jamie Woolley