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Hijack the Hashtag! #bpbigscreens

'BP's taint is all over our public spaces and cultural heritage this summer with the BP Big Screens - a series of BP-sponsored operas and ballets beamed live from the Royal Opera House to public spaces around the country. Each one is drenched in BP branding and greenwash. This year BP have taken their propaganda to Twitter - so let's meet them there, shall we?


In the run up to the next screening (Cinderella on 13 July) make the most of the #bpbigscreens hashtag to tell BP what you think of their criminal environmental and social record, or what you think of the Royal Opera House for taking their dirty money. Be cheeky and funny, or be righteous and angry. Either way, flood #bpbigscreens with your subversive tweets, crash Cinderella's ball, and make sure everyone sees BP's greenwash for what it truly is.'