Keep Dancing; Memorial Performance for the #Ogoni9

From our friends at Fossil Free Culture in the Netherlands:  

'Last night was 25 years since 9 Nigerian activists were hanged for activism against Shell. Our hearts are with their families & communities. Last night we commemorated their deaths at Shell sponsored NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam. 

We, & so many others, follow in their footsteps;

NEMO offers violent climate denier Shell a podium to present itself as a company with a heart, by accepting their blood money. NEMO, we will not stop until you cut your ties with Shell.

Dance, by Ken Saro-Wiwa, 1941-1995:

“Dance your anger and your joys

Dance the military guns to silence

Dance oppression and injustice to death

Dance my people

For we have seen tomorrow

And there is an Ogoni star in the sky”

Footage by: Alejandro Ramirez & Pierre Fromentin

Video editing: Daniela Paes Leão