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Funding Organisations

Websites of Activist & Research Groups

ANO News Stories

News stories about the growing movement against oily sponsorship.

Memorial sites

  • Remember Saro-Wiwa
    2005 was the tenth anniversary of the murder by the Shell-backed Nigerian government of writer and activist Ken Saro-Wiwa.'Remember Saro-Wiwa' is a coalition of groups that helped set up a competition to create a living memorial to him - and what he and his compatriots achieved
  • Shell Oiled Wildlife; Rising Tide/Art Not Oil campaign against Shell's sponsorship of Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Competition. 'Shell's Wild Lie' etc.
  • National Petroleum Gallery
    Spoof NPG site.


Films tackling climate change and related issues.

  • Just Do It
    July 2010: Just Do It is an exciting new feature-length documentary film that follows the mischievous and risky world of UK climate activists.
  • SchNEWS Movies
    Free short movies on environmental and related themes from Brightons best loved,( and written )& most informative newspaper.
  • Reach For The Sky
    Activist filmakers Undercurrents reportage of anti-runway campaigns.

Alt Art Projects

Here are links to a few relevant alt. political art projects.

Articles & Useful Publications


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