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Oil painting protest over BP sponsorship in Tate Modern Turbine Hall, 14.10.10

Another Victim of the Gulf Oil Spill: The British Arts?

In the early evening of Tuesday September 14th 2010, a group of artist/activists staged another art-intervention in the Tate Modern turbine hall, with a choreographed sequential squeezing of BP-logo-ed tubes of paint containing 'an oil-like substance'. You can see a 3 minute video clip of the performance here:

For immediate release.

Oil Painting Protest over BP sponsorship in Tate Modern Turbine HallLiberate Tate calls for footprint of art museum to be free from Big Oil Tuesday (14 September) art activists from Liberate Tate staged a guerrilla art intervention in Tate Modern, covering the floor of the iconic Turbine Hall with dozens of litres of oil paint in protest at the museum taking sponsorship from BP.