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Shell and London's South Bank part company

From 'Shell’s last two major corporate partnerships with arts organisations come to an end! Its deals with the South Bank Centre and the British Film Institute cost the equivalent of loose change to Shell, so either a) the arts institutions don’t want to be associated with an oil company any more, b) Shell has decided the bad publicity from protests now outweighs any good publicity the deal might get, or c) both of the above. However you look at it, this is a huge victory for all the arts workers and campaigners who have mobilised to get these toxic climate-wrecking human-rights-abusing companies out of our cultural spaces.' ------------ 'The news that the Southbank Centre - home of the iconic Royal Festival Hall - will no longer have a relationship with oil giant Shell is a significant shift for the world of classical music, as well as the wider cultural sector... Check out this new quote reported in Classical Music Magazine! "Making beautiful music does not excuse us from seeking to understand how our work is funded and asking questions about the kind of unsustainable business those partnerships might promote" - tenor Mark Padmore' ----------------- 'Workers at the Southbank Centre have welcomed news that the institution's relationship with oil giant Shell will end... "Companies such as Shell, BP and Equinor have used sponsorship of our cultural institutions to present a socially acceptable face to the visitors and patrons who attend our venues. We are pleased that this will no longer be the case at Southbank Centre." You can read their powerful statement in full here: ------------------- 'Oil firm Shell to end its relationship with BFI and Southbank Centre':