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'We're Gonna Make You Whole' comes to London

Described as 'A masterpiece, a bold and timely script which takes risks and offers delightful rewards.' 

'Beautiful Kara Peters grabs the audience, spellbound.'

'Van Wilt's voice--at once otherworldly and earthy is sexy, powerful.' 

Soon to be featured by the Independent, Sky News, LBC and the BBC.

Script published by Oberon Books.

Inspired by the testimonies of over 100 BP Disaster survivors, Immortalis Vox dramatises the terrible effects the oil 'spill' has had on Louisiana.

A fierce criticism of corporate power, this play explores the destructive impact the petrochemical industry has had on the environment and people.

On April 20th, the BP oil drilling rig Deepwater Horizon disaster exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 and injuring 100. Millions of barrells of oil leaked out over the ensuing months, endangering the wild and human life of Lousisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

We're Gonna Make You Whole features original music by Yasmine Van Wilt, Lennard Sillevis and the Carbon Town Cryer. It also showcases portraits painted by BP Disaster survivors, a documentary film made by Nancy Boulicault and a community portrait designed by Nick Viney and 2 hours of interactive entertainment. We have live music, card games, dancing and entertainment in the speak-easy-style-following the 80 minute performance. 

Immortalis Vox is a not-for-profit London-based theatre company guided by a strong social conscience. Hailing from the Gulf of Mexico, Canada, England and beyond, they are an international bunch who pack a punch...


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