Rising Tide

Rising Tide is an international grassroots network that takes creative direct action to confront the root causes of climate change and promotes local, community-run solutions to our energy needs.

Formed in 2000 and now spanning four continents, Rising Tide employs a combination of direct action, creative resistance and popular education.

Our Approach and maybe even our legacy, is that we view climate change as an issue of social injustice, linked to the economic domination of Northern interests and transnational corporations. RTUK has played a central role in spreading the understanding that solutions to climate change must first embrace the concept of climate justice, which involves promoting and strengthening the rights and voices of indigenous and affected peoples in challenging the problem and defining solutions. Rising Tide rejects market-based ‘solutions’ to climate change such as carbon offsetting and sequestration schemes and calls instead for a just, community-led  transition to a low-carbon society. Rising Tide believes that an immediate end to

oil exploration and a dismantling of the fossil fuel economy are necessary to prevent catastrophic runaway climate change. Rising Tide advocates a grassroots approach, because we believe that changes will be made by people, not state or corporate institutions, whose so-called ‘solutions’ are always, at root, aimed at increasing economic growth rather than building lives of dignity for all. Our work aims to connect the dots between

fossil fuels, social injustice, capitalism, and the destabilisation of the global climate.

Getting Involved:- We have local groups  and individual contacts, both of which are great ways to get involved in local climate action.

If you want to get in touch with a local group, start your own, find out more about our campaigns, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

london or info @risingtide.org.uk•07708 794665

or start by going to the UK website where you will find a full political statement of intent.  http://risingtide.org.uk/about/political